Get email from your form easily

Formsubmit sends all your form submissions to your email without having a need for any coding or a backend. Sign up (optional) to get additional advantages.

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Just 3 easy steps

Don't worry, it's easy to setup and don't even require you to signup

Point your form to our server url

Set your form's action-attribute to our server url and specify an unique token generated for your email or your email itself. E.g.


Confirm your email address

Go to your website and submit the form once or visit the url in your browser. A confirmation email will be sent to you with a link, which you will have to click to confirm your email.


You are all set to go!

That's it! formsubmit takes care of all the processing. It will send you email when someone submits the form on your site.

Sign up Advantages

Sign up now (for free) and get some additional advantages

Email privacy

Our system generates an unique string token for your email. It can be used in a url instead of email in order to make your email private from spam-bot. This feature is available after you signup.

Access to all submissions

Access all your submissions anytime. Your data is completely safe and only accessible by you. The system detects any email or phone number from submitted data and highlight them. You can add these data into your contact manager with one click.

Multiple form support

You can have multiple forms on your site and you can track and receive emails for each of them easily.

Free Contact Manager

Yes, a free contact manager which helps you to manage your contacts and enquiries efficiently and in one place.